The Observation

There were 7 people working out…including me.
  • One on the elliptical moderate/steady pace (about 60min)
  • Three were doing functional training, ie kettlebell swings, strength moves, presses, push, pulls, lunges, squats, etc (about 30min).
  • One jogging on a tread moderate/steady (about 60min),
  • One was doing yoga (about 20min).
  • One was running 1:1 intervals on a treadmill(about 30min). (yes, I study this stuff!)

The Question

Of the group, who likely burned the most calories? Who likely burned the fewest? Who do you think had the most visible body-fat and why do you think that?

Does it matter?

Don’t get me wrong, doing ANYTHING is better than NOTHING, but not all fitness is created equally…get the biggest bang for your buck! Sweat for at least 30 min everyday, starting today….OVERCOME excuses! You can do it!

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