New Fat Loss Client Goal Setting

A couple of weeks ago we had a new client join our program. This new client had an unrealistic timeline and lofty goals set for fat loss (which is our specialty so they came to the right place). They wanted immediate results in only a few short weeks for an upcoming event only a few weeks away. Nevermind the years and years of excessive sweets and dairy products.

Aside: I wonder how many of you reading this are terrified I’m going to mention YOU by name…but of course NONE of you set unrealistic goals and timelines…you know better, right?      ; )

Activity for Fat Loss

This new client swore up and down that they stayed active, but as they sat in my office, I knew better. They claimed their actvities included caring for livestock. They also claimed to have a knack for engineering, woodworking, and aerospace. To top it off, they said they own a manufacturing facility with thousands of employess. Now I’m really suspicious…

The New Program

Once this client signed the dotted-line, we immediately dove into nutrition and supplementation. We agreed that Personal Trainer Food would be the best option because of the convenience, affordability, and the great taste of the food on our plan. (Shameless plug…for less than $14/day, you get 28 days worth of 3 meals and 2 snacks, pre-portioned, pre-cooked, ready to microwave and eat in 2 minutes)

Obviously because of the tight timeline, our AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge was a no-brainer. Our clients typically lose 10-15lbs, 5-7 inches, and 2-3% of their body fat in only 24 days. We started the program the next day…

For their fitness, this client chose our exclusive Titan Results Semi-Private Coaching Program, limited to only 2-5 people in a group for intensive coaching, corrective movements, and accelerated results. To burn some extra calories, they also attended FitCamp every other day so all they had to do was show up, bring a water bottle (with AdvoCare Rehydate), and a towel and we took care of the rest!

The Fat Loss Results

I’m happy to report this new client came to all their fitness sessions, kept a food journal of their Personal Trainer Food, completed the 24 Day Challenge, and hit their goal!

I was able to snap some photos during some of our sessions to track their progress!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your Titan Fitness Family!

P.S. If your ready to start your New Year right, go HERE to Request a FREE Nutrition and Fitness Diagnostic Obligation! Or Call 254.666.6016.




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