How to Create an Office Weight Loss Challenge
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How to Create an Office Weight Loss Challenge
One of the most challenging aspects of losing weight is the motivation to start and continue a healthy diet and exercise program. Having an office weight loss challenge can be a fun and motivating way to lose weight in a group. You and your office mates can offer each other support, motivation and friendly competition that can turn a humdrum diet and exercise program into a fun team activity.

Start an Office Weight Loss Challenge
Step 1
Get approval from your boss to start the weight loss challenge. Explain to him or her that this is a great team building activity for employees. You can add that according to the CDC, a review of 42 studies found that work site health promotion programs can reduce absenteeism, health care, and disability workers’ compensation costs by more than 25% each.

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Schedule a time, date and place for the first meeting and weekly weigh-ins. Send a company e-mail and make a flyer announcing the office challenge. Post the flyer in break rooms, near time clocks and wherever employees gather. Be sensitive when inviting coworkers to the meeting. Weight loss can be a touchy subject so don’t push anyone to join. They might come around in a week or two when everyone else is having lots of fun.

Step 3
Arrange weekly prizes and a grand prize for the “biggest losers” in your group. Weekly prizes can be gift cards to a salad bar or other healthy restaurant. The Grand Prize can be anything you like. Ask your boss for a prize donation. Your company’s vendors or local merchants might be interested in sponsoring prizes. Great prizes include haircuts, spa days and gift certificates. If you can’t find merchandise, ask your boss to give away a “dress down day” or extra vacation day as a prize.

Step 4
Set a time frame (6-12 weeks is a good time frame). Weigh in everyone and take their “before” pictures. At the initial meeting let everyone know that this is going to be a fun challenge. This is a good time to go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves and state their goals–do they want to lose 10 pounds, fit into their skinny jeans or just feel healthier? Ask your group what they would like to see – would they like group walks at lunchtime, diet tips, etc. Let everyone know that this is a fun group activity.

Step 5
Hang up a chart in the break room or other designated meeting room with the participants names, “before” pictures and goals. Do not post their starting weight. At weekly weigh ins post the weight they lost weekly and announce the weekly winner. The weekly winner can be someone who lost the most weight, but it can also be the person who baked low fat cookies instead of donuts for everyone. It can also be the person with the best attitude–think outside the box and change it up a bit so everyone feels a part of the group and everyone gets excited about the weekly meetings.

At the end of the challenge gather around the participants and have an awards ceremony. Take their “after” photos. Give everyone a certificate for achieving not only weight loss, but starting on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Thank everyone and announce the winner. You can then share healthy snacks and make it a real party.

Send a weekly motivational e-mail to the group. You can include a motivational quote, feature the winner of the past week’s challenge and add some tips for eating right, like cutting down on high-fat foods can help you lose weight. Invite the group members to get involved and send you their suggestions.

Things You’ll Need:
Large poster to make a weight loss chart
Email or flyers to announce the challenge
A grand prize and smaller prizes for winners of the challenge
A meeting space or break room for weekly weigh ins
A bathroom scale

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