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How to Upgrade Your Warmup

You might be tempted to skip the warm up when you work out.  After all, you only have so much time to exercise—“Let’s just get on with it already!  I’m in a hurry!”

But warming up is a critical component of your fitness routine, and skipping it could have unpleasant and even dangerous results—such as muscle strain, muscle injury and pain.

Oh yeah, and a proper warm-up will actually IMPROVE your workout performance!

The Warm-up:  Basics

A warm up is a short workout period at the beginning of your exercise session.  It is generally low intensity and prepares your body for the upcoming exertion.

The purpose of a traditional warm up is to

Fitness Josh Hightower

Newest Fat-Loss Client at Titan Fitness (is it you?)

New Fat Loss Client Goal Setting

A couple of weeks ago we had a new client join our program. This new client had an unrealistic timeline and lofty goals set for fat loss (which is our specialty so they came to the right place). They wanted immediate results in only a few short weeks for an upcoming event only a few weeks away. Nevermind the years and years of excessive sweets and dairy products.

Aside: I wonder how many of you reading this are terrified I’m going to mention YOU by name…

Fitness Josh Hightower

Titan Challenge PreRegistration Starts NOW! Free bonuses and coaching sessions!

It’s that time of the year again…no I’m not talking just about
‘Back to School’, I’m talking about our Fall 2012 Titan Challenge!

Fitness Josh Hightower

Should I quit? Moments of weakness and inspiration…OVERCOME!

I have to be completely honest, there was a moment today I wanted to quit and give up…have you ever had moments of weakness? I did the Waco Tri Olympic Distance today. It’s a 1 mile open water swim, 27 mile bike

Fitness Josh Hightower

What burns more calories? Functional training, cardio, Yoga, or intervals?

Here’s the answer to my Facebook post from Saturday about the folks working out in the hotel. There was functional training, elliptical, treadmill, intervals, and Yoga….who burned the most calories? The least? Who had the most visible body-fat?

Fitness Josh Hightower

What I observed at the hotel this morning about types of exercisers lead to a question…

The Observation

There were 7 people working out…including me.
  • One on the elliptical moderate/steady pace (about 60min)
  • Three were doing functional training, ie kettlebell swings, strength moves, presses, push, pulls, lunges, squats, etc (about 30min).
  • One jogging on a tread moderate/steady (about 60min),
  • One was doing yoga (about 20min).
  • One was running 1:1 intervals on a treadmill(about 30min). (yes, I study this stuff!)

The Question

Of the group, who likely burned the most calories? Who likely burned the fewest? Who do you think had the most visible body-fat and why do you think that?

Does it matter?

Don’t get me wrong, doing ANYTHING is better than NOTHING, but not all fitness is created equally…get the biggest bang for your buck! Sweat for at least 30 min everyday, starting today….OVERCOME excuses! You can do it!