17 Ways to Transform Yourself This Year

Ok...you should be back in full-swing and you should be getting into your 'routine'.

What are you going to do differently to get better?

Are you going to reduce your stress level?

Are you going to improve your diet?

Are you going to take exercise more seriously?

Or will you allow the next 12 months to pass by without changing a thing this year?

If you haven't put any thought into it, then do so now...

The fact is that you will age and change this year, and on December 31, you will be slightly (or dramatically) different than you are today.

The cool thing about the end of the year is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect over our life, to acknowledge where we are and where we want to be headed.

If you would like to be headed in the direction of improved health, lowered weight and increased strength, then here are 17 suggested changes for you to apply this year:

1) Exercise 2 more hours each week than you have so far this year. 
2) Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. 

3) Drink less alcohol. 
4) Sign up for one of my time-tested fitness programs. 

5) Stop eating prepackaged foods. 

6) Use heavier dumbbells or kettlebells. 
7) Eat less bread, or even eliminate gluten from your diet. 
8) Train for a 5K, 10K or a marathon. 
9) Eliminate high fructose corn syrup from your diet. 
10) Exercise at least 4 times each week. 

11) Eat healthy, simple dinners at home. 
12) Do not eat fast food. 
13) Take supplements to fill in nutrition gaps. 
14) Eat more protein and fiber. 
15) Drink water throughout your whole day.

16) Do not eat packaged snack foods. 
17) Contact me for motivation and support.

Now come up with a few of your own. I know there are some ideas that popped into your mind while you were reading my list.

Take a minute to jot those down.

Step back and re-examine the list. Which of these changes are you going to make your own?

I certainly don't expect you to make all of these changes - though the more you do, the greater your transformation will be.

Remember, like I mentioned above in #4 and #17, I'm here to offer you the instruction, support and motivation you need to make this year the year of your dramatic transformation.

Wishing you great health and happiness!